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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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i'm ray suarez and that is the "inside story." >> hundreds of refugees arrive at the austrian border. second day in luxembourg to find a solution to the refugee crisis. >> you're watching al jazeera. i'm fauziah ibrahim. coming up in the next half hour, the deadliest day, as 45 soldiers are killed in yemen. saudi arabia accepts u.s. insurances assurances over the
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iran nuclear deal. farmers get relief in ethiopia. austria and germany have agreed to allow refugees to cross their borders from hungary. we're going to take you live. these are the latest pictures from the hungary austria border where the first buses have arrived from the town of 96elsdorf. refugees are receiving food and being registered and processed. austria is expecting up to 1500 people to arrive at the reception center. people were allowed to board buses after spending much of the day walking from budapest to the
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austrian border. andrew simmons has the story. >> it's taken the hungarian authorities by surprise. particularly the police. this march is bigger than expected. it may be far fetched to think they could reach the austrian border by foot, more than 170 kilometers by foot. >> we are walking. >> it's a long way. interbut we have no choice. >> the mood is upbeat remarkable for people under such stress but some of the refugees say they're worried that the police could be leading them into a trap like the train to bicske. there are hundreds of families keeping up with the leading groups. disabled people. taking part, too. you could be forgiven for thinking this was some sort of
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marathon, not the desperate plight of more than a thousand men, women and children. under the shade of a motor way bridge organizers spurred everyone on. hungarian volunteers donating water food and biscuits have been setting up rest stops along about way. united nations high commission for refugees is worried the police may stop the march. >> they are definitely not prepared for what is happening now. hundreds of people are walking towards austria, i i hope they will reach what they want. there is still over 150 kilometers to the border. >> on the day hungary approved draconian legislation, they continued into the night, tiredness and pain written on their faces, but a belief there
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is a better life on the road ahead. then an offer of buss to take them to the border town. within minutes they arrived. they wanted to walk on but they're exhausted and the offer and assurances they have been given seemed good enough to get on board. next came news that the austrian chancellor had agreed to allow refugees from here and budapest to cross the border. a deal had been made but after past experience many people didn't trust what they were hearing. but it does appear to be for real at last. andrew simmons, al jazeera, hertzecologne.
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hungary. >> hungarian police sprayed tear gas at refugees after struggles broke out near serbian border. eu ministers are meeting in luxembourg in a few hours to seek a solution to the refugee crisis. jacky rowland has the story. >> pressure is growing on european leaders to come up with some kind of coherent coordinated approach towards tens of thousands of refugees who are turning up in europe. up until now the approach has been very patchy, the front line countries of italy and greece and hungary, struggling with these daily rifle arrivals prety much. it is difficult to see how the
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leaders will be able to reach some kind of a common follow when you bear in mind the huge differences of opinion that exist across the european union. from countries like france and germany are saying we need to have an organized system for sharing the new arrivals throughout the member states, the united states and the united kingdom are very wary of taking on numbers and accepting any imposed quotas, that is the position we're at as yuen minister meet on saturday to try to figure out some response to the crisis. >> 45 troops have been killed by houthi rebels. omar al saleh reports. >> it is the uae's biggest
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single lost in decades. the country's state minister of foreign air force, shia ali abdalla al saleh says. also the soldiers are singing the national anthem and pledge of loyalty to the new army. the deposed president saleh have no friends here. this is the new army whose loyalty is to yemen's government in exile. the new chief of staff says victory over the houthi fighters and their allies is not far away.
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>> victory is near. organized armed forces the. >> province are also discussing future plans. >> you are the yes, ma'amist armed. >> if youly trained yemenienis . fighters and weaponry to the national army and fighters loyal the yemen's president abd rabbu mansour hadi who is in exile in saudi arabia. only who areas are under houthi control. that's why the fight to clear them could be swift. and many predict the next target for this new firing force could be the sanaa or saada. despite significant losses the houthis continue to put up a tough fight. the battle for yemen is far from
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over. omar al saleh, al jazeera. >> juan cole says it's unusual to be involved in ground combat. >> the uae is part of a coalition of gulf cooperation council nations and also including morocco and jordan. much of the fighting has been from the air on their part, fighter jets have flown and indeed in response to this attack sanaa is under very heavy bombardment tonight. but beginning really just at the beginning of august last month, it is alleged that fair numbers of uae troops were landed at the gulf -- the port of aden, and helped libert liberate that citm the houthis.
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there is a ground force from the uae fighting in yemen which is unprecedented in modern history. >> saudi arabia seems satisfied with the iran nuclear deal. king salman met with president barack obama on friday. patty culhane reports. >> this is highly unusual, president obama actually met president salman at the door. the protests have long been cleared from the front of the warehouse. in the oval office the leaders made sure to stress their long term alliance. at the end of the meeting the saudi foreign minister gave his endorsement. >> we support any agreement that
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prevents the creation of a iranian nuclear weapon, has provisions to reimpose the sanctions should iran violate the terms of this agreement. and we have been assured by the administration, by the president at camp david that this in fact is the case. >> former ambassador to the u.n. james smith said the nuclear component was not the top issue. >> for the gulf states the nuclear issue was not the top issue. it was always number 2, iran's destabilization advantage. >> reporter: the president, deal to provide them potentially as much as a billion dollars in military equipment and munitions is still being worked out. for the obama administration they want the saudi led coalition to let more humanitarian aid into yemen and
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to push for a political solution. the saudi foreign minister said they would agree if their run by united nations. the war in syria was also on the agendas. >> we continue to cooperate extremely closely in countering terrorist activity in the region and around the world, including a battle against i.s.i.l. >> the if the focusing on isolation. but once the cameras were gone, the president was going to query the king. ftc. >> a promise of peace and of weapons for this new step in the u.s -- saudi alliance. patty culhane, al jazeera, washington. >> after a year, the trial of
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the opposition leader leopoldo lopez could be coming to an end.
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a quick reminder now of our top stories on al jazeera and refugees from hungary has begun to arrive at the border crossing with austria. they will begin receiving food and register.
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arriving at the refugee reception center. earlier on friday there were scenes of desperation in the town of bicske, as refugees stranded on a train pleaded to be allowed to leave hungary. 45 so soldiers from the unid arab emirates have been killed in yemen. they had been taking part in the assault against the houthi rebels. bernardino leon wants a deal in place before september. otto perez molina is accused of being part of a scam in which reporters paid bribes to avoid
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import duties. >> former quaw guatemalan presit otto perez molina, said he didn't benefit financially in any way, he also said that he could have diverted the investigation at any time, that he'd had knowledge of it since april but did not do so and that he put himself before the judicial process which he didn't need to do. and he says this shows his innocence and he has nothing to do with the crime. he says there must be hard proof brought against him and the evidence presented so far violates his presumption of innocence. he also talked about his long military career serving in combat during guatemala's 36 year long civil war and bringing peace and democracy to guatemala. he certainly looks much admonish
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confident today than he did yesterday, taking telephone calls between himself and officials being implicated being part of the corruption ring. people are integrating the newest political move. the president has called on people to keep putting pressure on public officials in guatemala saying they have been instrumental in the kind of change that guatemala has seen now. he maldonado, said to keep the pressure on. >> after more than a year the trial of venezuelan leader leopoldo lopez could be drawing to a close. human rights leaders have described the case against him as politically motivated. virginia lopez reports. >> the trial of leopoldo lopez
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could be soon coming to an end. the defense said there's no proof that leopoldo lopez, a leading opponent to the government. >> the evidence so undeniably shows leopoldo lopez is innocent. >> reporter: accused instigating violence and the destruction of public property t the evidence against lopez hinges on the analysis of his speeches and two deaths which occurred the day he rallied protestors to protest against the government. the video shows the moment in which basila costa, a 26-year-old carpenter was shot dead. the case proves that violence resulted as a result of the death and not the protest lopez
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headed. >> in fact government security forces are not protestors. >> reporter: but bloody skirmishes between antigovernment protestors, and soldiers, several soldiers wounded and even killed by protesters. for two months the streets of venezuela were barricaded and public buildings destroyed. lopez some people say is to blame. >> his death was the spot outside observers suddenly noticed. >> wide condemnation from human rights groups and foreign governments. he is one of 40 political prisoners currently behind bars. but the venezuelan government
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insists that lopez was part of a u.s. backed coup to toppin toppe maduro's government. with president maduro's government at an all time low. failure to free him could also see an increase in international condemnation and even street protests. which would further undo maduro's confidence. islamic justice and industrial party is behind 17%. plomoroccans hope this will give vaild validity tvalidity to the.
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scott heidler reports in israel. >> students are protesting when they should be studying. hundreds of christian school students and their parents took to the streets of a community between jerusalem and tel aviv. a protest against the government decision to slash funding for christian schools. entire family was out protesting. >> translator: there are systematic policies against christian schools. their aim is to shut down these schools. they wouldn't have done all these cutbacks if that wasn't the case. what shall i do with my children if the school shuts down? >> here they are with the school and their fellow students enjoying the first week of classes. but like 46 other christian schools in israel, students are
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on strike. talks between the officials and the schools have broken down. >> translator: if we become an official school, then they will appoint the principal and the teachers and can change the structure of the school. if we are not in charge of all these things then why are we here? >> reporter: administrators say there has been a steady reduction of funding over the last years. described as a death below. the government says they are not trying to surety the schools. >> translator: christian schools in israel get similar budget. they get 65% to 75%. there has been no change in 2015. we have no intention to hurt them. the ministry wants to help these
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schools preserve the uniqueness. >> one-third came from christian schools, one thing that would be affected if the dispute is not resolved and the gates of these schools remain shut. scott heidler, al jazeera, israel. the drought in northern ethiopia, means half a million will need food aid. charles stratford reports. >> facing an even tougher struggle to survive. >> translator: nothing we can do. we don't have enough crops to provide for our families. we are having to sell our cows
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to buy food but the cows are sick because they don't have enough to eat. >> reporter: foreign aid organization built the well in the 1990s. it broke down around six months ago and people say no one in the village knows how to repair it. ethiopia is heavily dependent on farmers like balcher. agriculture accounts for nearly half the country's gdp, balcher grows corn and wheat. this time last year he was getting ready to pick his crops. he harvested enough for his family and pocket around $3,000. this year he will get virtually nothing. these plants should come up to my shoulder by now this time of year. and if you look down at this plant, look at the size of this
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coulcob. now this should be around a foot long. these plants are dying. and experts say it doesn't matter how much it rains between now and the end of the season. there's nothing that can be done to save them. meteorologists are blaming the drought on a phenomenon that originates thousands of miles away over the pacific ocean, el nino. experts say they warned the government. >> translator: in the temporal distribution of rainfall during june to september is very low as compared to past of events. >> reporter: the government says it has allocated $35 million to deal with the crisis. the united nations says the drought could leave 4.5 million people needing food aid this year.
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>> when we were informed about the problem, the government started a program to affect the people. at this moment we have enough surplus food at emergency deep owes and we are distributing it. >> about 1 million people live at the poverty level subsisting at 1.25 dollars a day. charles stratford, al jazeera, ethiopia. now one man is on a mission to change that by fostering a love of literate. tanya page reports on his under ground library. near johannesburg. >> he is sharing his love of
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books. >> there's many, many options. >> there are plenty of them at his underground library. two rooms at his mom's house crammed with books. they're starting to encroach on his bedroom, so he's tidying up. >> it is a good donation because we are already having people that are eager to venture with us in terms of operating an account. >> his concept is spreading because many south africans don't have access to books, they're unaffordable to most people and most districts don't have libraries. the municipal library was burned down by residents during a protest in february. they were demanding the installation of prepaid electricity meters and an end to corruption. this is all that's left of the library.
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it is ironic that during demonstrations some infrastructure was destroyed. >> there was banning books, one of them is not reading them, so like i think level they are we as the under ground we are trying to change that. >> oh mama africa. >> this is more than just a place to get books. >> fashionable to the culture to the youth. >> he's encouraging role playing and writing. >> to grass. embear last. emba emb embarras.
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>> you can always go to our website, 1. >> i'm working, surviving without being to be street. >> deconstructing. >> we're giving individuals reasons not to commit this act. >> since april 22nd, took the opportunity to show the bad side. but the young people that i'm seeing they want a chance to turn that around.


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